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What Is Sourcing Personnel?

Sourcing is the proactive searching for a qualified administrative assistant to fill current or planned future positions. Sourcing is not the reactive tasks of reviewing resumes and applications sent to the company in response to a job posting or pre-screening candidates. The objective of sourcing personnel is to collect relevant data about qualified candidates, such as names, titles and job responsibilities.

Sourcing is typically part of the recruiting activities performed by an HR professional. However, it may also be carried out by managers within the company. One advantage is that personnel sourcing can identify candidates who are not actively pursuing job opportunities (passive job seekers) or candidates who are actively searching for jobs (active job seekers).

Tips For Sourcing An Administrative Assistant

Office personnel are vital to the success of any organization. With that said, it is critical for them to be diligent, committed and well skilled in executing their duties within the set timeframes. Things become more serious when the personnel involved are senior in the organization, for instance, administrative assistants. Sourcing for an administrative assistant can be very cumbersome, especially if you are not aware of the key aspects to look for in the candidates you have.

First of all, always have in mind what you expect of the administrative assistant. This is determined by the tasks they are supposed to execute and their role in their organization. If you have no idea of the kind of professional you want, you will definitely land a bogus assistant.

The number of years an administrative assistant has been working is a significant consideration. While you would ideally want to hire someone who has been working for some time, there are limits to the years of experience, and you need to steer off people who have been working for a very long period. This is because modern business operations have significantly changed and an individual who started working in the old system may be unable to match the dynamism and technological aspects of the contemporary business environment.

The skillset of the worker you hire is the other major thing to look at. It is advisable to hire an assistant who has been working in firms dealing in the line of business your company is in. This way, the integration of the new assistant will be seamless, and you won’t have to waste any time trying to get them to terms with what you deal in. Based on the role of the assistant in your firm, it is crucial to ensure the person you hire has the right skillset to tackle the job well enough.

Lastly, check on the interpersonal relationship and communication skills of the candidate. Skills and experience are useless if the person in question cannot relate with other members of staff.

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