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If you have applied at various employment agencies in Tulsa, why would you want to consider Harmon Staffing?

Here’s one reason.

A recent survey published in IR Magazine showed that more than half of all higher paying jobs go unadvertised. In one study, only about 5% of the super high salary jobs were being advertised to the public.

Why all the secrecy? Wouldn’t these companies advertise to everyone in order to fill these positions?

More importantly, how can you benefit from knowing these statistics?

More than a few companies do not want to advertise that their senior positions are empty.

On the other side of this problem, so many people rely on their own efforts – poring over public job postings and forums to find work. Many of these job seekers have seniority, experience and are highly employable.

The fact that so many of the best jobs go unadvertised and are hidden from the public – makes employment agencies the gatekeepers for a variety of lucrative positions that you just may well qualify for.

Keep in mind that on average, each of those recruiters represent only about 20 or so companies. What does this mean for you?

You may need to apply with a number of agencies in order to be visible to the employer who is the best match for your abilities and circumstances. In addition, due to the economic situation, some agencies you applied with may be out of business, or for any number of reasons, are not promoting you any longer.

When you apply with any recruitment office, remember to give as many reasons as possible for headhunters to sell you to their clients.

Movie stars, athletes and authors all employ agents to help them gain access to the right jobs. At Harmon Staffing, each of our consultants will work hard to introduce you to the right people too.

Regardless of who you consult, no one can do everything for you. Make a job out of finding a job. Network to stand out from the crowd. Recruiters often prioritize candidates who show up with referrals. If you have senior colleagues or an alumni network, keep up with them! Take advantage of online networks such as LinkedIn.

Why not see what Harmon Staffing can do for you?

Additional Office Support

Experts of the office environment, our staffing team understands the unique qualities and skills required to make a candidate the best match for your administrative & clerical, temp-to-hire & direct hire specialties including; administrative assistants, clerical staff, data entry clerks, executive assistants, and receptionists. Call our Tulsa based temp agency today!