Is there anything more stressful than looking for a job? Whether you’ve just started looking or have been for a long time, do you feel overwhelmed, confused or discouraged in your search for employment solutions here in the Tulsa area?


When you’re running out of money, it seems like you’ll never land the job you want.


We’re here to change that, and we have, for a lot of people.


We teach you how to control and elevate your image – this is essential for getting the job you are qualified for. For some, this may at first feel uncomfortable. Yet we’ve been able to help so many real people, like you, to succeed.


  • Do you get job offers with very low salaries?
  • Do you get interviews but just don’t get hired?
  • Are you changing careers and wonder whether you have the skills?
  • Are you an executive who is finding that the options you have are limited?
  • Are you a recent college graduate, getting job offers or interviews below your education level?
  • Are you older and feeling like employers see you as overqualified?
  • Have you not worked in several years and wonder how you can get started in the workforce again?
  • Do you have little or no work experience and want to get work fast?


Harmon Staffing Group can help you overcome any of these challenges!


Here’s an example of what you’ll learn in working with us:


  • How to research job opportunities so you can represent your skills in a way that makes you stand out.
  • Two fantastic questions to help boost your confidence: (1) Did you do the work before? (2) Can you do it again?
  • What questions can you prepare ahead and ask an employer to help you land the job?
  • How to dress appropriately for the job opportunity you are seeking.
  • How managing your time and arriving early for interviews can make a huge difference.
  • Why a notepad and pen are indispensable for you to take on most job interviews.
  • Why job titles can hold you back, but job skills can push you forward.
  • How to master the soft skills that everyone is looking for.


Why not call Harmon Staffing Group today at our Tulsa, Oklahoma office: 918-280-9637

…and get started with your success?