How Do You Find A Good Personal Assistant?

Recognizing that you need someone to help you out with your workload and life is sometimes a hard thing to admit. However, once you do, you might start feeling relief at the thought of an extra person available part-time or full to help you with all the things that you have to do.

If you’re in a high-income career or role within a larger establishment, it might be because you have a particular skill or talent that brings the money to the table. You’re also likely one of the few people on the market with that particular set of skills, and so the performance or practice of them takes up most of your time and energy. It’s simply something you can’t share or delegate to others.

That’s why you want a good personal assistant, so you can have someone handle the things that everyone has to do but you might not have so much time or energy for. It could be anything from picking up your dry cleaning and getting your car oil changes to helping sift through emails and post content on social media.

The first step in finding a good personal assistant after admitting you need one is identifying the specific tasks you want assistance with. Then, post your opening and start cherry-picking the resumes or applicants that look like a good fit.

It’s always a good idea to do interviews from your target pool, since personality matters a lot in this line of work. Once you find someone you gel with, hire them on an interim basis to make sure they are actually a good fit. Once you have someone you trust, like, and have a great working relationship with, do what it takes to keep them around as long as you can!